Seminar Topics:

  • Principles for optimal Health & Covid 19

  • Good news about cancer: it can be prevented

  • Heart Disease

  • Carebrovascular Disease

  • Pandemic Stress Reset

  • A Chosen Generation

  • Home Remedies: Immune System

  • Home Remedies: Physiology of Digestion​

  • Diabetes

  • Objections to Plant Based Diet




Phil Brewer

Pioneer of Silver Hills Guest House in operation since 1984

Home remedies seminars, cooking schools and health coach. 

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Jack Ntihaniraho

Jack Ntihaniraho is a Health Coach. Driven by enormous reaches proving that Health is largely a matter of lifestyle, he takes pride in providing this good news about health to as many as possible. As a Health coach, his main goal is to help all find healing in all aspects of life, by sharing ways to Prevent, arrest and even reverse Diseases simply by a change in lifestyle.

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As a student of HEALTH at Weimar University; Jack has been recognized by Weimar University for his extraordinary commitment to helping heal the hurting world.“Health is largely a matter of lifestyle…and lifestyle is a choice. The choice is yours!”